2017/04/25 22:15
By Dr Zulfikar BuxOne who is depressed and has suicidal thoughts will often thi <a href="Link;>wholesale jerseys</a> nk of ways to take their life. DrinkingDr Zulfikar Buxpoison is a common way of suicide in Guyana. It is portrayed in movies as a dramatic and very fast way of taking your life. Not widely known and portrayed are the puni
2017/04/25 22:15
? legal officialBy Latoya GilesThe system to select jurors for <a href="Link;>Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> Criminal Assizes in the High Courts of Guyana is badly flawed and needs urgent revamping, some legal officials say.One legal source told Kaieteur News that the selection process is compromised and this has resulted in injustice even wher
2017/04/25 22:14
Itfs not important to hold all de <a href="Link;>NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> good cards in life, but itfs important how well you play wid de cards you hold. That is a saying dem boys know since dem lifl because dem love card games and love to tek chances.But de PPP donft know how to play cards. Dem had all de best cards in dem hand and dem l
2017/04/25 22:12
Norway <a href="Link;>NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> promise to give Guyana money bout two years now and up to today no money ainft coming. Is nah time fuh people get vex? One man suh vex in Guyana that he quiet and dem always seh that when a man quiet, lef he alone. He thinking and planning.Now news come that a bomb explode in Norway and dem b
2017/04/25 22:11
eRec <a href="Link;>cheap nfl jerseys</a> ent ad highly misleadingf ? Former Auditor GeneralGovernmentfs controversial system of purchasing drugs has come under the spotlight again.This time, the Ministry of Health has moved to shortlist contractors, but the very advertisement itself has raised eyebrows because of the billions of dollar
2017/04/25 22:11
? to develop new national policyGovernment has announced a review <a href="Link;>Wholesale Jerseys Online</a> of concessions granted over time to miners as part of the reforms for the sector.The move is likely to win the applause of local operators who have been complaining bitterly about aMinister Raphael Trotmanlevel playing field.According
2017/04/25 22:05
In order to remo <a href="Link;>Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> ve any misinterpretation/misunderstanding of the text contained in the GECOM Elections Corner relating to Voting by Proxy (published last weekend), please note the following:According to Section 30 of the Representation of the People Act Cap. 1:03(1) The following electors shall be e

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