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usage informations

  1. This bulletin board is using cookie. Your name, mail address, URL, and the password will be saved once you post a messege.(your browser must be accepting cookies)

  2. tags are unusable

  3. You must type in your name in order to post a messege. Messege box could not be left blank.

  4. Japanese is also usable, but do not use "half-size-katakana." It may not appear correctly.

  5. By typing in a password (under 8 letters in Engilish or in number) when posting, you can erase that writing later on.

  6. 100 messeges could be saved maximum. Older messeges will be erased automatically.

  7. You can reply to the writings. press the "reply" button to do so, and the posting form will change to replying mode.

  8. You can search for the older writings using keywords. Press search by keywords at the top menu.

  9. Writings that slanders other people, or that goes against the admistrator's benefit is not permitted, and could be erased any time.